How to Fix the Office Laser Printer Before the Repairman Comes

Jackson Tam 2017-02-09 10:00:00

Your department has a presentation deadline to meet in the next couple of hours. Unfortunately, as you're typing away, editing important documents and hitting the print button, the office laser printer breaks down, causing everyone to want to throw the machine right out the window.

Confounded by these developments, the office stalls and morphs into a hive of frustration.

Well, rather than tossing the laser printer out the window or waiting hours until the repairman arrives to the office, you can apply some easy fixes to the machine. These won't be long-term solutions, but they can offer short-term relief, especially at such a chaotic time at work.

And, remember, if this is the 10th time that such an incident has arisen perhaps it is time to replace your broken down laser printer and finally purchase a brand new one to avoid hiccups.

Here are five tips to fixing the office laser printer before the repairman comes:

Stop Make it Smearing for Today

One of the most frustrating elements of having a printer is when the machine smears paper. Whether you have just composed your magnum opus or you have gathered interesting data for a presentation, smearing can destroy your efforts when you are facing limited time.

So, how exactly can you stop smearing, at least for a short period of time?

Here are a few tips you can consider:

  • Determine if all of your envelopes, labels and paper are facing the right direction.
  • Is the material laser printable? If not, it will likely smear.
  • Take out the toner and shake it gently and return it to its place.
  • Replace the toner with a brand new one if you have an extra toner lying around.
  • Replace the laser printer if necessary. You can browse through a wide collection of laser printers available at West X Business Solutions.

These are measures you can employ until a repairman comes to your office.

Speed up the Printing Process

What will make you pull your hair out? When the printing process slows down significantly.

In order to speed up the printing process, you should reduce print quality for the output. This will both rev up the printing speed and save you ink. All you have to do is head on over to the "properties" and then select a setting that reduces the printer quality. This will speed it up.

Random Spots on Your Pages

As soon as you locate random spots on your page do not refrain from doing anything to rectify the situation. Otherwise, you will suffer the consequences as time goes by. What you must do is actually remove the cartridge from the laser printer and then shake it just a tiny bit. Once you are finished performing this task then you should return it to its spot.

The Wrong Printer is Printing Documents

You hit the print button on the laser printer in your department and head on over to the machine. You stand there and wait, and wait...and wait. You return to your desk and hit print again. You then realize that the wrong printer is printing your documents and creating havoc for everyone.

The simple remedy is to remove the default printer and then go on to select the printer you want to utilize. This glitch can sometimes happen, particularly if you recently updated your operating system. When it occurs, however, it happens at the wrong time.

Web Pages Aren't Being Printed Properly

You found something interesting on a website to use for your presentation. You decide to print the webpage, but it turns out that it isn't being printed properly. How come? Because you have not configured the printing job correctly, which means you're getting pages and pages of what looked like to be just one page.

Remember, webpages aren't printer-friendly, unless the web designer configured them that way. You must be careful how exactly you print each and every webpage you come across. To learn how to print a web page correctly, Techwalla has a helpful guide that could be of assistance for you.

Like anything else in life, you can experience a case of Murphy's Law at any moment: if something can go wrong then it probably will.

When you are pressed for time at the office and you need to print hundreds of different documents then this will be the time your office laser print breaks down. Don't worry, though. You can employ short-term answers to your immediate problems. You don't need to sit and wait for the repairman, or beat up the laser printer. You just need to apply some of the aforementioned remedies to some of the more common problems at the office.

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